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Highlights from the Annual Spring Ontario Dental Convention

The 2018 Spring Meeting for the Ontario Dental Association was held this past weekend (April 26-28) and was, as always, a memorable event held at the Convention Center in Toronto. Many interesting lectures and courses were preceded by an inspiring talk by ‘The Man in Motion’ himself, Rick Hansen. I always come away from these events with some pearls of wisdom that can make a difference in improving what we Read More

Happy Canada Day!

Summer is in full swing and we can be thankful and proud on this Canada Day… We live a great country that allows us to pursue our dreams and practices tolerance and equality! With our world class talents, we are the northerners of North America, and our country’s natural beauty is awesome! We hope your family and friends are celebrating (quietly or loudly) the great country we live in, and we consider ourselves blessed to be able to help you with your healthy smiles and salute this great nation!Read More

Happy New Year!

It has been an eventful year, and we would like to wish a healthy and prosperous 2015 to our patients, clients, and the people that help us provide them with the high level of care and aesthetic dentistry that they deserve!  Probably the biggest news we can think of in 2014 was the mayoral change…and our weather.  Best wishes to our outgoing mayor (for 36 years) and city matriarch Hazel McCallion Read More

Our 5th Annual Skate & Share Food Drive!

Sunday. December 8th, 2013 1pm-2:30pm at a new location – Vic Johnson Community Centre in Streetsville.

The Compass Community Outreach Centre … Come By (and bring your skates)!.
If you would like to contribute something for the draw, please contact Jelena info@creatingsmiles.caRead More

Is Media Making Your Children Fat?

Is Media Making Your Children Fat? The prevelance of childhood obesity in American children has doubled int the last 3 decades. Obesity in children is quickly becoming a world wide epidemic. In North America, our children spend on average 7 hours per day with media, including television and web browsing. Other than sleeping, it is the single biggest use of their time. During this time, they are exposed to aggressive Read More

Athletic Mouth Guards: FREE for Kids!

Did your children grow since last the sport season? Did they lose primary teeth and sprout adult teeth? There is a pretty good chance that last year’s athletic mouth guard doesn’t fit this season. Protecting your kids’ teeth during sports can spare them from dibilitating injuries. Don’t underestimate the long term consequences of childhood accidental tooth loss or injury. Last year, Dr. Ozanic attended the Toronto Bike Show where he Read More

Non-Invasive Focused Ultrasound Surgery

Non-Invasive Focused Ultraso und Surgery:Using ultrasonic technology to eradicate a tumor without opening into a patient. Even though advances in laproscopic surgery (using tiny cameras and instrumentsthrough small incision holes) have allowed doctors to reduce scarring and improve healing in their patients there is another treatment on the horizon that doesn’t involve cutting or anesthetic at all.The technology used to develop this combines MRI scanning and ultrasonic energy to remove certain Read More