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Custom Smile Design

Of all the services we offer, Custom Smile Design is our favourite! Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing our clients’ reactions when we’ve created the great smile they’ve always wanted.

Custom Smile Design is the most rewarding because it requires the use of all of the skills we have. A firm understanding of many aspects of dentistry is needed to achieve optimal aesthetic results.

Having attended the prestigious Millenium Aesthetics program, Dr. Ozanic is well versed in the principles of smile design.

A Custom Smile Design starts with a thorough clinical and aesthetic assessment. Following the examination, our team will take impressions for models of your teeth, photographs, and x-rays of your teeth. These records are used to plan your ideal smile.

Dr. Ozanic will spend time listening to your goals for your smile, to ensure that he understands what kind of outcomes you are hoping for. He will help you to design the perfect smile with teeth that are proportionally ideal for your face and mouth. Choose the colour, the shape, the position, and size of your teeth. You are totally involved in the planning of your great new smile!

Since aethetic dentistry is a multi-faceted discipline, it may involve a combination of several treatments, such as invisalign, porcelain veneers, crowns or bridges, dental implants, inlays/onlays, and periodontal

Often, our clients choose to have a “mock-up” to see how their new teeth will look before the permanent restorations are placed. This gives you complete control of the design of your new smile.

Once all necessary modifications are made, and you are completely satisfied, your final aesthetic appointment is scheduled.

Custom smile design involves several visits with our very friendly team. We look forward to taking you on an aesthetic journey!

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