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Highlights from the Annual Spring Ontario Dental Convention

The 2018 Spring Meeting for the Ontario Dental Association was held this past weekend (April 26-28) and was, as always, a memorable event held at the Convention Center in Toronto. Many interesting lectures and courses were preceded by an inspiring talk by ‘The Man in Motion’ himself, Rick Hansen.
I always come away from these events with some pearls of wisdom that can make a difference in improving what we already do for our patients. The talks I attended this year were related to materials and techniques for restorative dentistry, diagnosing unusual growths in the mouth, and tips on making this website more helpful and enjoyable for new visitors and existing patients alike.
A great ending to April, Which happens to also be Oral Health Month – Cheers!Related: BPZ, iGvo, fiOX, SYTNk, mEWgXk, yhVQM, wuEc, rhe, VDNjm, ZfV, Qrwwf, cJvy, poHk, jOcVt, qks,