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Orthodontic Retainers

Orthodontic Retention

Everyone wants straighter teeth! Straightening teeth with orthodontics is not new to dentistry. Dentists have been moving teeth into their ideal positions for generations with great results. People are always happy with the appearance of their teeth when the orthodontic treatment is complete. But how do we keep the teeth in their new positions for a lifetime?

Dr. Ozanic, is a Certified Preferred Provider of invisalign orthodontics. Although most of our clients who are undergoing invisalign treatment are doing orthodontics for the first time, we have noticed that many are adults who had orthodontic treatment as children and teens, and who’s tooth position has relapsed to some degree. These individuals are seeking orthodontic re-treatment because they didn’t continue to wear retainers after they completed their initial orthodontic treatment.

We offer several different options for lifetime retention of orthodontically treated teeth.

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