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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Summer is in full swing and we can be thankful and proud on this Canada Day… We live a great country that allows us to pursue our dreams and practices tolerance and equality!  With our world class talents, we are the northerners of North America, and our country’s natural beauty is awesome!  We hope your family and friends are celebrating (quietly or loudly) the great country we live in, and we consider ourselves blessed to be able to help you with your healthy smiles and salute this great nation!


From Dr. Ozanic and the Team

Welcome Stacey!

This year our team was joined by Stacey…She is a certified dental assistant that many of our clients have already experienced and we are glad to see how she is contributing to our level of care. She is commited to our goal of gentle, excellent care and is a pleasure to have in the office and working as a team member with Danijela, Sandra, and Jelena.

Other news:

Dr. Ozanic attended the Ontario Dental Associations 2014  Annual Spring convention in May and attended interesting lectures on current anaesthetics, restorative materials , and endodontic treatments  today. A noteworthy speaker at this years dental convention was Chris Hadfield – Our  very own Canadian Astronaut – A true inspiration to listen to, and one of the few people in the world to perform a dental procedure in space!Related: sequoia insurance company workers’ compensation phone number, orgain vanilla protein powder nutrition, amex corporate card application status, handmade craft fairs near london, unger window cleaning supplies, entryway umbrella holder, complete bedroom sets queen, small group activities for high school students, aluminum glass doors commercial, rent florida realty email address, evening tops for older ladies, iron mountain pricing, military grade aramid netrunning suit, radiation dosimeter for sale, studio apartments laramie, wy,Related: how to open disaronno bottle, obx escape room meltdown, barrie police record check, cancel kia service appointment, what does devour mean sexually, rossano rubicondi death, blackheath prep or pointers, stephen blackpool is 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