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Bologic Removal of Amalgam Fillings

What Is Dental Amalgam?

For decades, dental amalgam was the standard material used to restore decayed or broken teeth. Commonly known as “silver fillings”, amalgam restorations are made of a metal alloy that contains silver, tin and mercury. Amalgam restorations are durable, but not aesthetically pleasing.

What is mercury-free dentistry?

Although the amount of mercury in dental amalgams is low, many clients and dentists have reservations about placing amalgam restorations. Using materials such as composite resins, porcelain and gold allows us to restore teeth with materials that do not contain mercury. Our team offers only mercury-free dentistry.

What is Biologic Removal of Amalgam Restorations?

When amalgam restorations are removed from teeth, mercury is released in the form of a vapour, which can be inhaled by the client and the dental team. We offer our clients the option of removing the silver fillings in a manner which minimizes their exposure to toxic mercury vapours. For more details, contact us.

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