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Non-Invasive Focused Ultrasound Surgery

Non-Invasive Focused Ultraso und Surgery:Using ultrasonic technology to eradicate a tumor without opening into a patient.

Even though advances in laproscopic surgery (using tiny cameras and instrumentsthrough small incision holes) have allowed doctors to reduce scarring and improve healing in their patients there is another treatment on the horizon that doesn’t involve cutting or anesthetic at all.The technology used to develop this combines MRI scanning and ultrasonic energy to remove certain tumours without even cutting into the patient!This incredibly precise surgery allows a tumor to be targeted and the patient to be awake during the procedure without anaesthetic, even if it is in the brain.
The invisible knife works by focusing ultrasonic energy that is controlled by the surgeon using three dimensional computer technology and real time MRI scans to see the target precisely. And they can test the procedure at a low setting to ensure comfort while the patient gives them input.
This would be a boon to readheads, who are statistically more likely to have problems with general anaesthetics.Although not possible for every situation, it does look like a great future for non-invasive surgeries. I know what your thinking, an the answer is no – they don’t have this for tooth decay – yet! To see a fascinating talk presentation of by Dr. Yoav Medan click here.