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Starving Cancer with Nutrition

This is a fascinating talk about a non-invasive, nutrition based preventive treatment for cancer that uses foods to control the growth of blood vessels and in effect, tumors.

The finding that healthy people carry “mini-tumors” that never become an issue prompted this doctor to question what triggers those that do, and how they become dangerous. A common element of their growth is blood supply.

Dr Li experimented with this adjunct to treatment, which uses a concept called Antiangionetic therapy, which means shrinking blood vessel supply to a diseased area of the body. There are about a dozen drugs that have been used since 2004 with about a dozen types of cancer, which have proven that they improve survival rates when used with the traditional chemotherapies and surgeries. Dramatic results have also been achieved in animals by having them drink a special cocktail made of these drugs that is combined with a topical cream.

To improve the success even further Dr Li advises getting at the blood vessel treatment early. Especially important for people that have already had treatment for cancer and want to prevent recurrence.

He recommends a diet that helps control blood vessel proliferation:

Vitamin E and certain teas rival the effects of powerful anti-cancer drugs! Other effective foods are citrus fruits, berries, parsley, red grapes, garlic, artichokes and even tomato sauce (Men who had 2-3 servings of cooked tomatoes per week reduced prostate cancer risk by 40-50%). To see the full presentation, click here.

(From a Presentation by Dr William Li.)