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Family Dentistry

Our practice goal is to affordably provide outstanding care and service gently, in an environment that is friendly and honest with the goal of giving our patients beautiful and healthy smiles.

Regular “Check-Ups”

The key to healthy, beautiful smiles throughout a lifetime is prevention. Oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal (gum) disease are preventable. Early detection of oral cancers increases survival rates. Regularly scheduled “check-ups” with our Registered Dental Hygienists include examination of not only your teeth, but also a periodontal (gum) health assessment and oral cancer screening. Followed by a thorough dental cleaning and home care advise.

Thorough Assessment

We recommend a comprehensive oral assessment every three years. This very thorough examination is performed by either our Registered Dental Hygienists or the Dentist. It includes x-rays, detection of tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease screening, oral cancer screening, soft tissue examination, detecting destructive oral habits, tooth positioning, bite/function assessment, nutritional assessments, and assessing oral risk factors associated with systemic diseases, and a treatment plan for any necessary dental treatment.

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

During our comprehensive oral health assessment, we often identify periodontal (gum) disease. Our Registered Dental Hygienists have experience in treating all levels of periodontal disease. We offer a non-surgical gum therapy program to our clients with early to moderate periodontal disease. This program includes annual detailed gum examinations. The treatment combines gentle but thorough instrumentation and chemotherapeutics, with a simple but effective home care routine. We have had great results with this program.

Gental Care

We take pride in offering our clients dental services with a gentle touch. We have developed a custom routine which enables us to deliver local anesthetic which most clients don’t even feel! During our restorative appointments, our clients are encouraged to communicate any discomfort they may be feeling to our team. We apply our gentle techniques when caring for children and adults alike.

Make yourself at home

For your comfort and entertainment, you may choose to enjoy a movie or television program of your choice during your procedure. Many of our clients find that the headphones eliminate the noises most people don’t like to hear during dental visits.

Our Professional Network

We have a network of very talented and caring oral care specialists with whom we have long standing professional relationships. These professionals share our commitment to quality, gentle care. We are proud and confident to refer our clients to them for services which we do not offer.

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