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Crowns And Bridges


Crowns are restorations that completely cover the outside of a heavily restored or broken tooth. There are different types of crowns. All are very durable. Some crowns are made of non-precious metals, or gold, or a metal base with a porcelain enamel covering. We also offer all porcelain aesthetic crowns, which offer strength and durability, combined with the most natural looking results.

Crowns are indicated for:

  • Teeth that are heavily restored with fillings
  • Teeth that have been endodontically treated
  • Cracked or Broken teeth
  • To restore function and aesthetics to teeth that are severely worn
  • To restore the appearance of teeth that are unsightly due to discolouration, position


Bridges are made of a series of crowns fused together to provide non-removable missing tooth replacement. Like crowns, bridges are available in different materials and offer similar results.

Bridges are used to replace single or multiple missing teeth where dental implants or dentures are not an option.

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